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Voted Best Day Spa By Readers Choice 

Also Voted Best Massage Therapist

2018  2019  2020  2021

In the running for 2022!


Massage Therapy 

Massage is soothing and guides away pain, it frees the body of overworked tension and increases​ freedom of movement as well as relaxes, aids sleep, eases emotional stress and an overactive mind.

Massage Therapist


South Pa​wleys Spa Swedish​

Signature Massage​

Your experienced massage therapist will customize this classic Swedish Massage to meet your individual needs. The Relaxation Massage uses gentle, gliding strokes and light to medium pressure. Essential oils and hot towels will make this the ultimate relaxation session.

30 min $60 $95/90 min $125

Deep Tissue Massage​

A deep, therapeutic massage with a variety of techniques including trigger point, deep facia, cross-fiber friction, and stretching to work the deeper layers of muscle fibers to help release "knots"and chronic patterns of muscle tension.

30 min $65/60 min $105/90 min $1​35

Pawleys Pampered Feet

Let your tired feet rest with this relaxing treatment. This lower leg and foot massage will rejuvenate and energize! Exfoliation of the feet and heels along with a mask to the feet and legs removed with hot towels and followed up with a rejuvenating aromatherapy massage to the legs and feet.

30 min $50

Couples Massage

Escape with a relaxing couples massage for two. A nice way to introduce someone to massage or completely relax and indulge with a friend or someone special. 

Just pick Swedish or Deep Tissue prices are the same as above hour or 90 min.

Champagne & Chocolate, Additional $25

Pampering Face Massage

A relaxing refreshing seasonal treatment that you don't wont to miss out on. Let us take you on an aromatic experience with signature oil blends & luxurious cream. Followed by hot towels and a gentle hot stone face massage which rhythmically increases circulation & hydrates the skin. Leaving you looking & feeling amazing.

30 min $55

Cold Stone Migraine Miracle Massage

Ashley Cribb 843-372-2985

Following the protocol of Kelly Lott's Migraine Miracleš this therapy incorporates cold stone therapy, proprietary essential oil blends, and pressure point massage, providing relief from relief from migraine headaches and renewed sense of balance and harmony.

60 Min $95

Sinus Relief ​Massage with 


Ashley Cribb 843-372-2985

Is the Pollen getting the best of you?

Do you have common allergies that wont go away.

This service is for you,

Soft lighting in the treatment room helps the client that suffers from light sensitivity. Pressure points stimulate the movement of congestion in the sinus cavities alleviating headache pressure and inflammation.

Eucalyptus oil is used during this service to maximize the treatment’s circulation stimulation properties.

The treatment will follow up with a soothing scalp and shoulder massage that will stimulate lymphatic flow, leaving the client with a feeling of total relief and relaxation.

30 Min $55


This remarkable ancient technique of foot reflexology is a "pressure therapy" that involves applying focused pressure to certain known reflex points located in the feet to address pain and disease in the body. Although results vary from individual to individual, the soothing action of reflexology generally leaves the recipient feeling deeply relaxed &/or energized and promotes self-healing. 

30 min $60

Pampering Pre-Natal Massage

This healing massage relieves the physical discomforts that are often occur with pregnancy: backaches, leg cramps, fatigue, insomnia and headaches. And REALLY, who deserves nurturing more than an expectant mom? The baby shower gift she’ll love best. (Note: Physician release required during first trimester.)

60 min $90/90 min $120

Hot Stone Therapy

A traditional, therapeutic stone massage used to melt away stress and tension using the heat from warm basalt stones to gently penetrate deep into the muscle while inducing a sense of calm and reconnection.

Add on to any treatment $20

South Pawleys Spa

Just Because I Care Massage.

Get the most out of one hour! This is a very special signature service for that special someone...a family member, friend, co-worker, or simply 'just because' or 'thank you'. This treatment includes a 30 minute upper body massage and 30 minutes of Hands Scalp & Feet Massage

Hot Stones Included on the Feet. 

 60 min $100

Hot Oil Scalp and Hair Treatment

Nourish your scalp and hair with our Hot Oil Scalp Treatment and Massage. benefits include reconditioning your hair and restoring moisture, natural shine and elasticity. Massaging the oil into your scalp after applying it to your hair increases circulation and helps to invigorate growth. The warm towel head wrap will encourage the oil to soak into your scalp while your therapist continues with the rest of your full body massage.

Relax, Unwind, and Enjoy!

This is a hydrating, beneficial scalp massage that can be added to a body massage or another body treatment. This service enhances relaxation and leaves you with silky smooth hair and scalp.  



Massage Therapist 

any Saturday appointments will be required to pay upfront before booking

Body Treatments 

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Mud Wraps

The ultimate in relaxing and cleansing! Combining essential oils and seaweed, this is a heavenly way to relieve muscle tension and stress. A luxurious warm mud mask is smoothed over the full body and a warm thermal blanket is wrapped around to help remineralize the body, relieve stress , and encourage toxins to move out of muscle tissues. A shower completes the experience leaving you feeling recharged, refreshed and balanced.

Excellent treatment for: Slenderizing, Vitality, Detoxification, Cellulite Reduction and Relaxation.


Body Scrubs

Polish your body and shed old skin with a full body resurfacing and moisturizing treatment. This exfoliating body treatment uses natural scrubbing agents and essential oils to remove dull skin, increase circulation and relieve stress. A shower completes the experience leaving you feeling recharged, refreshed and balanced. Along with a body butter treatment will leave your skin satiny soft, smooth and glowing. Come choose from our seasonal scrubs available.


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